Who’s In Your Boat?

by Pastor Tristan Kennedy

I don’t know about you, but a couple weeks ago I received so many emails from companies expressing all that they were doing to sanitize and clean their stores, restaurants, etc. I really appreciate what they are doing to ensure our health and safety, but when it was filling up my inbox, it got to be a bit much!

As I was reading the different emails, there was a phrase that kept popping up over and over that jumped out at me. It was “in these uncertain times.” And when I read that it really bothered me.

I began to think about this Scripture… Mark 4:37 paraphrased “the disciples were freaking out because a fierce storm had come upon them fast and they felt like they were going to drown! And Jesus was sleeping at the back of the boat with his head on a cushion. So they woke Jesus up and He rebuked the wind and the waves and everything became instantly calm! The disciples marveled that even the wind and waves obeyed Him!”

We all go through storms in life and we are going through one now. But I want to remind you that JESUS IS IN YOUR BOAT! You are not alone, He is right there with you and I through all of this. The amazing thing is when we call on His name, everything that opposes the work of God must bow to the name of Jesus, but we have to do our part and speak to the storm!

I read this recently and thought it was perfect for this encouragement:

“In the midst of your fears, keep trusting Jesus – keep putting your confidence in Him. Sometimes Jesus calms the storm as he did here. Sometimes he lets the storm rage and he calms you.”

Even though our circumstances are uncertain, there is always a certainty we have in God through Christ!

Let’s pray:

“God, thank you that we are not alone. You are here with us now. We speak peace be still to this virus in the mighty name of Jesus. It must leave now, causing no more harm, destruction or death! We speak life, and life more abundantly in Jesus’ name! We trust in you as our anchor and praise Your name! Amen.”