We Have To Be Calm

From a nurse at a local hospital

It can be so hard right now to figure out where to put your attention and align your trust. In light of the mandate to quarantine and with what is happening globally. There is information everywhere. History, statistics and comparisons abound. But is it true? Probably…maybe…some of it. In this crazy time, I am thirsty for the truth.

In my current position at work, I am responsible for broadcasting and circulating the truth. I have found that as I have searched for the truth personally, it has given me peace. Then, I get to share that peace with others.

We have to be calm.

There is so much information that lacks truth, but I find that when you remind folks that they have gone through tough things, made good decisions and overcome before…they relax a little and exhale. This thing is not easy, but what a privilege it is to be a truth bearer and a peace carrier!

Know the truth and it will set you free. Free from fear and free from anxiety. Relax. Exhale. We are equipped. We will get through…and we will overcome!