Time To Renovate

by Pastor Chris Hays

This past season I remodeled my house. This isn’t my first remodel and it won’t be my last because it’s how God equipped me. The process of renovation is gratifying because, step-by-step, I can see everything take shape and the results can be quite dramatic. But there were also moments of frustration when I ran into the previous owner’s attempted upgrades. When tackling a renovation you find issues like this that sometimes don’t meet code and could be potentially dangerous or they just look bad and don’t match the character of the house. Several times I asked myself, “What were they thinking??” Usually, these failed attempts are the results of trying to do it “on the cheap” using inferior products or inexperienced DIY labor to save on cost. 

Do you see the parallel in our lives? In this season, many things in the natural realm are on hold, but in the spiritual realm construction is booming! We are currently being renovated and upgraded!

The apostle Paul explained it this way.

“We are coworkers with God and you are God’s cultivated garden, the house he is building. God has given me unique gifts as a skilled master builder who lays a good foundation. Afterward another craftsman comes and builds on it. So builders beware! Let every builder do his work carefully, according to God’s standards. For no one is empowered to lay an alternative foundation other than the good foundation that exists, which is Jesus Christ! The quality of materials used by anyone building on this foundation will soon be made apparent, whether it has been built with gold, silver, and costly stones, or wood, hay, and straw. Their work will soon become evident, for the Day will make it clear, because it will be revealed by blazing fire! And the fire will test and prove the workmanship of each builder. If his work stands the test of fire, he will be rewarded.” 1 Corinthians 3:9-14 TPT

Renovation always begins with demo day. When you submit to God’s process for spiritual growth, His first step is to reveal the integrity of your building materials. Let’s be honest, sometimes they’re not up to code with God’s standards. Also, your additions need to compliment, not distract from, God’s design for your destiny. The inferior has to be removed, but after demo comes new construction. Fresh revelation and relationship in Christ! “The former things have passed away… Behold, He makes all things new!” As you rebuild, take the time to research and invest in quality spiritual material. Don’t DIY it this time. And don’t use old material from your previous, outdated experience. It’s time for a fresh upgrade! Work with the Holy Spirit’s leading and prayerfully build with excellence so that your next addition will have true eternal value!