That’s Unheard Of!

by Pastor Gail Perinchief

I recently listened to a sports personality share his outlook regarding the pandemic. Hearing so many negative attitudes about the year 2020, he decided to begin each morning with prayer. He works on what he needs to do to stay healthy. Most importantly, he has made it his goal to make each day even better then the day before. Being purposeful to remain positive!

Someone else was telling me about hearing someone speak about how we as Christians have prayed for things to change. For God to move in a fresh way. Then, we start whining to go back to the way things were. (Aren’t you so thankful that the Lord loves us in spite of us?!)

I’m reminded of the children of Israel. They cried out to God for years about the oppression they were living under with Pharaoh. The Lord answered their cries and delivered them. However, it didn’t go the way they thought it would go. So, they constantly complained about their hardship. So much so, they talked about going back. Oh, those were the “good old days”. Our diet of garlic, onions and cucumbers! (I don’t even want to imagine how bad everyone’s breath must have been!) 🙂

It’s so vital during this season that we keep our desire to move forward as God is moving. That we would keep trusting His plan is great. Let us not allow negativity to drag us back.

2020 certainly looks a lot different than anyone expected or imagined it to be. Make the decision to remain positive by keeping our eyes on Jesus. After all, He is the one who promises to turn everything for our good. He declares in Isaiah 43:18 (TPT) – “Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things. I am doing something brand new, something UNHEARD OF…”. Something we’ve never known before; something unprecedented, shocking or outrageous is happening from heaven. We, as His people, should be on the edge of our seats! It truly is the most amazing time to be alive!