SET Your Atmosphere

by Pastor Lindsey Seals

Thermometer: an instrument for measuring temperature. 

Thermostat: an instrument that regulates temperature.

Someone once told me, “when times in life get tough you get to decide whether you want to be a thermometer or a thermostat.”… I never forgot that!

In essence what they were saying was, we can’t necessarily choose the circumstances that we may sometimes find ourselves in, but we can definitely dictate our atmosphere while we’re in it.

That is why true worship is so very important during these times. Please notice, I did not say music, but worship. Worship is really just about having relationship — fellowship with our God. It is the one thing that can take us from where we are, to where we want to be. It is what Jesus reminds us that His father is looking for from his children … ‘to worship in spirit and in truth’.

Worship also has the power to defeat spirits of darkness! Any heaviness or discouragement that you may be feeling, is removed when we are in God’s presence. Doubt, fear, anxiety, depression… all have to flee when we praise & worship. Why? Because where Jesus, the Light is — darkness cannot stay!

So, I encourage you to find a way to set an atmosphere of worship right where you are, especially in your homes. Music is a great tool for that, and technology has made it very convenient. Watch worship videos. Use your Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, 33 1/3’s, 8-tracks (for the old heads). HAHA! Play your piano, guitar, ukulele, congas. Dance before the lord! Sing words of faith, hope. Make melody in your hearts. Declare the truth daily of who our God really is. Encourage YOURSELF in the Lord!

I can’t promise a timeline of when things will get back to normal. But I can promise if you’ll set your own atmosphere – and be the thermostat – you’ll feel victory during the journey!

Pastor Lindsey