Remember Me

by Pastor Chris Hays

Once again we find ourselves in the midst of a life altering challenge. And once again the remedy for fear and chaos is found in Christ. Our best response is to lean into Jesus who is our unshakable fortress.

This global pandemic and quarantine may seem overwhelming but historically, the church has faced and risen up in the midst of challenges to bring light to the darkness, and hope for healing and restoration.

Jesus prepared his disciples for the challenge he knew were coming. The story is found in Luke 22:14-20. At their last meal together before his crucifixion he shared with them a powerful experience to confirm
their relationship with him. We call it “communion”. He took bread, broke it, and said, “This is my body broken for you.” Then he took a cup of wine and said, “This is my blood that I shed for you,” when he shared the bread and wine with them he said, “Do this to remember me”.

He wasn’t concerned that we would forget him as a person. He was instructing us to do this to remember, in good and bad times, who he is to us – our savior, to remember the ultimate sacrifice he made for us, and to remember the powerful transformation that we receive in Him. We are no longer scattered individuals but we are now the body of Christ! The God of all creation loved us so much he gave his only Son to forever secure an unshakable relationship with him.

You may have heard from Pastors Richard and Gail that we will receive communion together this Sunday morning during our 9am streamed service. As they lead us online we encourage you to prepare with
your family to receive communion together with us in your home. The most important element of communion is faith – not the type of bread or juice you use.

Before we start the service, prepare whatever you have, bread or crackers, juice or water, gather your family together, and join us in this intimate and powerful moment as we receive communion together as NOW Church family.

Let’s do this to remember Him.