Yesterday, Today, and Forever

May 2022

In this UNCERTAIN world, we have a Savior who is SOLID, STEADY, DEPENDABLE, LOVING, FAITHFUL and His WORD is His BOND!

For our Heart For The House Sunday, Pastor Richard starts off the series talking about the Glory of the Lord in a practical way.

Pastor Lindsey continues the series talking about how to notice the difference between the full truth and a partial truth. Then he shows the importance of taking care of your mental health. It's the power of the WORD OF GOD that can transform your mind to battle anxiety, stress, addiction, sucide, and so much more!

Pastor Chris asks the question, do you FEAR YOUR FUTURE? He shows how to trust in God with what's ahead in your life.

And finally Pastor Tristan shows us how to reach out to connect with Jesus, "The Vine" and BELIEVE and we will SEE MIRACLES!