May 2024

Pastor Lindsey starts the series showing that God is calling His Church back to VICTORIOUS LIVING. He talks about "controlling the narrative" and how it directs the path of your life. When we can CHANGE the narrative we CHANGE the outcome.

In part two, Pastor Chris Hays continues the series showing how we are GATE KEEPERS in our families, church, businesses, classrooms, cities, and our nation! We must use our AUTHORITY in Christ to take down strongholds trying entrench themselves in our gates. If you secure VICTORY in your INWARD LIFE, you will be ready to take your fight to the gates of the enemy.

For part three, Pastor Tristan Kennedy shows us how to live a VICTORIOUS LIFE! He gives us several points on how to breakout of being a VICTIM into an OVERCOMER.

To finish out the series, we had an interview session with 2 former military men sharing stories during an our special Memorial Day presentation.