March 2020

In the middle of this series the world turned it's focus to the coronavirus pandemic. So, this theme became So many things out there in the world are tru....ish. Pastor Richard talks about how facts and truth are not the same. The key is TRANSFORMING your mind by searching for what is REAL because DECEPTION is simply TRUTH stuffed with a hidden LIE. It all comes down to the way we THINK or what we THINK ABOUT, which shapes our life. Pastor Lindsey speaks about WHO TOLD YOU THAT...showing that there are things we grew up believing about ourselves and others in the world that are not really TRUE. Pastor Richard finishes with direct messages about the pandemic and fear, showing that the church and us as Christians are born for such a time as this.  We should be THRIVING in ADVERSITY! And finally that we need to be FLEXIBLE during CHANGE, to BEND without BREAKING in the midst of the quarantine. Social distancing doesn't mean spiritual ISOLATION!