There's A Healer In The House

April 2024

Pastor Richard begins a new series talking about HEALING of your SPIRIT, SOUL, & BODY...the spiritual, mental, and emotional, etc! He gives 3 principles of trusting God for HEALING.

For part two, "The Language Of Healing." Pastor Richard talks about HEALING in HOME and FAMILY. He shows how God works through the PARENTS. Also, he points out how important words are, that they can be WEAPONS or HEALING.

In "Healing In The Atmosphere," part three of the series. Pastor Richard shows how EVERY HOME has an ATMOSPHERE; a spiritual culture. He gives practical tips on how to CHANGE the ATMOSPHERE in your home.

For Heart For the House Sunday we have a special guest, Pastor Matt Erikson from Mercy City Church in Lincoln, NE. In his message, "Stir The Pot," he talks about how HEALING comes when the pot stays stirred. Identify the stirring in you!