Live Wire

March 2022

1. Pastor Richard starts off this series talking about ENERGY and the SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE. These past couple of years have left people in their own sort of personal ENERGY CRISIS! It's time for A FRESH ANOINTING from the HOLY SPIRIT to mobilize the church into ACTION!

2. He continues talking about how we can do all things THROUGH CHRIST, Who is the Anointed One and His Anointing, which STRENGTHENS and ENERGIZES US! We live in a time of INTENSE SPIRITUAL WARFARE, we must tap into HIS POWER! 

3. Pastor Richard shows us that in our SPIRIT, our inner man, there is a ZEAL...a PASSION for the Lord...a FIRE. He asks the question, "What temperature is your faith right NOW?"

4. Pastor Richard finishes the series by showing what the ATTITUDE of a LIVE WIRE looks like.