Leaving Smallville

January 2022

Pastor Richard begins the new year with a theme talking about BREAKING LIMITATIONS. What you see as LIMITATIONS today, your Heavenly Father sees as stepping stones our of SMALLVILLE!

He shows the importance of prayer in getting out of smallville. God is calling His people to ACTION, it's time to pray and seek Him! 

Also, he talks about the life of Solomon and how God gave him 3 specific graces that worked together: WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, and LARGENESS OF HEART...we call that MAGNANIMITY. He shows how IMPORTANT the state of your HEART ATTITUDE is in your everyday life.

Pastor Richard then refers to the story of the children of Israel and how to overcome wrong mindsets in our lives. He gives practical steps to move forward and break these limitations to go beyond "wilderness wandering."

And he finishes the series talking about the power and importance of the Word of God in our lives. Just grab a crumb from scripture, one thought, one promise can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!