High Places

June 2024

Pastor Richard Perinchief begins the series talking about the 7 MOUNTAINS OF CULTURAL INFLUENCE. YOU are called by God to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others, not just at church but in other spheres of influence.

Pastor Richard continues the series focusing on MINDSETS and MENTALITIES. In order to have greater influence, we have to go beyond just a MAINTENANCE MENTALITY!

In part three Pastor Richard asks the question, "Is your life ACCURATELY DISPLAYING God's Glory?" We are God's Billboard to others showing His goodness, grace and mercy. His GLORY will be seen upon YOU!

He then shows how to carry the GLORY OF GOD CORRECTLY in part four. He asks another question, "How CREDIBLE is your life as a Christ follower?"

Pastor Richard finishes the series showing us that we can IMPACT the mountains of CULTURAL INFLUENCE for God! However, SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY comes from SPIRITUAL IDENTITY. We have to know WHO WE ARE in Christ. Throw down the OLD mindsets!