Faith Of Our Fathers

May 2020

This month Pastor Richard teaches on the FAITH FUNDAMENTALS...the essential elements on the subject of FAITH.  Beginning with the faith hall of fame chapter, Hebrews 11, he dives into the lives of the "GIANTS of our FAITH." These people weren't perfect, but God didn't mind showing us their mistakes, sins, and weaknesses; but still HONORED their FEATS of FAITH! You will also learn about your FAITH LIFE, and what that looks like when you are under pressure. Several things like your attitude and your words reveal where you are. If you are in a LIFE STORM, Jesus is calling you to CROSS OVER to the other side, let's TRUST HIM to get you there! Finally, Pastor Richard talks about on the subject of racism to finish the month, stating that ONLY the Holy Spirit can transform HATE into LOVE!