Clean House

August 2022

Pastor Chris Hays starts off the new series teaching us how God works in our lives to bring ORDER out of DISORDER, by bringing in something NEW! He gives us points to help us CLEAN HOUSE.

In part two, Pastor Richard talks about getting your house in ORDER. Part of that ORDER is that everything in life works according to TIMES and SEASONS. With the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT, we can navigate God's GPS for our lives.

Part three, Pastor Lindsey shows how everyone has that one drawer, closet, or room that we don't want anyone to see into. It's the same way spiritually. He shares through Biblical and personal stories, that we need to UNPACK and OPEN up those things before God to UNLOCK our destiny.

Then Pastor Richard finshes the series talking about the importance of PRAYER, PRAISE and the PRESENCE OF GOD. These three things need to be priority not just in a CRISIS, but in EVERY SEASON of your life!