An Enemy Called Average

February 2024

On Vision Sunday, Pastor Richard begins a series based on a book from John Mason. Nobody sets a goal to have a mediocre life. We want to be EXTRAORDINARY and SIGNIFICANT! We won't settle for AVERAGE, we are going for 10x greater!

In part two, Pastor Richard continues the series showing that GROWING IN AUTHENTIC FAITH in the living God and His Word will ENLARGE YOU WAY PAST AVERAGE and fill your life with SIGNIFICANCE!

Part three...joining the series is special guest, Pastor Jared Klingmeyer from Wave Church in Norfolk, VA. He talks about how we are all priests and shows what our role is based on 1 Peter 2:9. We should approach church as a priest NOT as a consumer.

Pastor Lindsey Seals continues the series teaching about WORSHIP. How far will you go in your WORSHIP and SACRIFICE? You can't genuinely worship without making a sacrifice.