Keep Praying!

by Bonnie Hays

I love to pray!

I could not always say that because I felt so inadequate in my ability to communicate with God; But an awareness is increasingly developing in my mind that prayer is not based on technique, but rather on heart.

Review Bible passages for examples of prayers and you’ll  see the methods are abundantly diverse, but the passion is the same. A genuine, heartfelt communication with the One who runs the universe! 

He cares, He listens, He is moved to action by the cries of humans genuinely seeking His intervention.

I firmly believe that good can come from this absolutely crazy time faced by the entire human race. Every sigh, every whispered prayer, every song of praise, every earnest shout reaches out and brings a little bit of heaven to earth. 

Keep praying, friends. In whatever way you can. 

God is listening and I guarantee He is moving on our behalf. 

“Turn your ears our way, God, and listen. We know that we don’t deserve a hearing from you. Our appeal is to your compassion. This prayer is our only hope.” (a prayer of Daniel)