Finish Line

by Pastor Gail Perinchief

Headlines are filling the news about different areas of our community and country being “reopened” after the shut down from this pandemic. Questions of: Should we wear a mask or not? Is it safe to go to a restaurant? Even though stores are opening up, is it ok to go shopping? When will there be sporting events? (My husband, of course, is wondering about that one!) Will we still be able to go on our vacation? Most of all, how about getting back to church? So many unknowns. While there remains to be many sides to this story still being written….I keep hearing the word navigate.

Navigate = to move on, over or through; to direct or manage. As it was from the beginning of this whole thing, we need to remember God is in control. “The Lord is the One who goes before you. He will be with you. He will be faithful to you and will not leave you alone. Do not be afraid or troubled.” – Deuteronomy 31:8

We need to be reminded that He is still on the job! He is not the author of confusion, but the God of peace. He promises us that when we aren’t sure which way to turn, He will be right there instructing us. I take such comfort to know that He gives us His wisdom when we ask Him for it. We continue to be prayerful in bringing all of our questions to the One who knows all the answers!

Let’s keep our faith strong and even stronger. We are confident that He has led us for this entire journey so far and He is never going to let us down. He will carry us through all the way to the finish line. And guess what? He always wins!