Easter’s Promise

by June Patrick

Easter brings the promise of Spring
And the regeneration of life.

All nature sings in harmony
In exchange for Winter’s strife.

The sweet songs of the birds,
The beauty as blossoms unfold,

The miraculous birth of new creatures,
All tell a story of old.

The story of our Heavenly Father,
Creator and Master of all,

Who gave to us His promise
Of new life, if you recall.

When Christ, His Son, was crucified
And shed His blood on the cross,

This was the beginning —not the end—
A gain instead of a loss.

For on Easter morning He arose,
His victory to proclaim;

The victory over death that is ours
By believing upon His name.

No wonder Easter brings such joy
To believers everywhere.

For it’s message reminds us of God’s gift
Of eternal life to share.