Don’t Explode!

by Pastor Gail Perinchief

I’ve been praying for you to continue to be strong in the Lord. Remember, He is with you in every detail of life you’re having to deal with!

Through this crisis, stress is a very real emotion we are all feeling in some way or another. I was thinking about a popular gift from these last couple of Christmas seasons. The Instant Pot. An appliance that cooks food evenly under pressure. There is a release handle or button that has to be set on “venting” position in order to let out the built up steam so it doesn’t explode. Can you relate?

While we are facing constant change and unknowns, obviously we are going to have our moments of frustration. They can continue to build up into anger and even rage. If we keep these feelings pent up, there’s going to be a release whether you like it or not! The danger is, we end up taking it out on others. Especially those whom we love.

So, how do we prevent this from happening? We can’t be afraid to talk to someone. First of all, King David had a great release valve in how he poured out his heart to God. In Psalms 142:2, it says, “I cry out loudly to God, loudly I plead with God for mercy. I spill out all my complaints before Him and spell out my troubles in detail.” God is waiting to listen, bring you peace and help you feel hope again.

Romans 1:12 lets us know we are strengthened, encouraged and comforted by each others faith! Phone a friend you can be honest with and let them pray for you. Watch a funny TV show or silly movie. What makes you laugh? Because we know the Bible says that a joyful, cheerful heart brings healing to both body and soul! (Proverbs 17:22) Get outside for a walk, after you take an allergy pill maybe, like some of us. 🙂

I agree with author & pastor, Mark Batterson’s quote: “Change of Pace + Change of Place = Change of Perspective!” How about going for a drive, even out of town? Pick up some food from one of your favorite restaurants and have a “car picnic”?! It will do you good.

You might be weary of hearing the phrase, “we are all in this together”, but we really are. We love you, miss you and are praying for you!